How Duplex Ultrasound Works

Ultrasound has been a source of getting various kinds of information from the human body for many years. This method is used by the ultrasound technician for diagnosis of various diseases. A pregnancy test may also be done using these waves and the gender of the unborn baby can be predicted using the technology. However, it is considered that ultrasound is not beneficial for health. There is no evidence to this statement but some of the people have developed this thought. One must know that nature has made human body in such a way that it can easily sustain the radiations up to a standard limit. The ultrasound waves generated have safe frequency and thus it cannot harm the person in any way.

Duplex ultrasound is a latest type of ultrasound using the same mechanism. However, the frequency of the waves and the purpose of ultrasound vary in this case. There are two further types of this ultrasound that include:

Gray scale ultrasound
Color-Doppler ultrasound

Gray scale ultrasound

For gray scale ultrasound, high frequency sound waves are passed through the skin into the human body. These waves are directed onto the veins and arteries. The purpose of this type of ultrasound is to check any clot in the artery or veins that might form due to the thickened blood. This type of ultrasound does not observe the fluid motion and neglect it. However, any solid body or a porous structure inside the veins and arteries is detected through these waves. The frequency of the waves reflected through the solid body (i.e. Clot) has frequency different from the rays that were sent by the emitter. The difference between these frequencies gives the size of the clot. Even the clots of very small size can be detected using the technology.

Color – Doppler ultrasound

Ultrasound is not only used to detect the presence or the size of the clot. It can also be used to diagnose blood thickening and other similar issues related to the fluid flow inside the human body. The rays that are emitted by the probe have different frequencies and a colored image is formed on the observation screen. The varying colors and their trends indicate the condition of the blood flowing inside the veins and the arteries. This type of ultrasound is also used to detect the size and diameter of the blood veins and arteries. In this way, an ultrasound test can be beneficial in detecting if your body is facing any kind of blood related issues.

Availability of the facility

The facility of duplex ultrasound is available at almost all the hospitals in the state. Labs also have this technology as ultrasound has become one of the most needed medical aids. It is true to state that ultrasound acts like the eyes of the doctor. This technology can be used to access the hidden areas of the body that cannot be reached even by endoscope. You must ensure that a qualified person carries out the test because extra exposure to the rays can develop some complexities inside your body.

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